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Rebecca Sandoval

Hella Zen Yoga

We reached out to Rebecca after an initial digital marketing health check and found a few opportunities for growth. So we provided a few free directory listings to get her started and earn her trust. Two weeks into having the listing her first opportunity arose from Merritt College to lead a Yoga retreat. She was convinced the service worked and wanted to have a professional presence so she opted to retain our services for a website.

  • Designed mobile-ready website

  • Worked with her budget

  • Indexed website

  • Keyword research

  • Custom content catered towards keywords

  • Website drives traffic

  • Monthly analytics reporting

John G. Henry

Henry Barn Doors

John contacted us from a referral of an associate. Herny Barn Door wanted to drive internet sales through Google. He spent 200 dollars the first month to test out our service and was happy to receive 2 phone calls and 3 email leads from local residents who wanted custom barn Doors.

  • Used his website

  • Targeted local area for lower-cost shipping and delivery

  • Used his current number

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Jessica Nomie

Jessica Nomie Law

Jessica Nomie and I worked in the past on a lead generation campaign for bankruptcy in Clackamas County Oregon. She had just gone solo and used the bankruptcy leads as to her sole marketing campaign. This helped jumpstart her business by her getting her a quick return on her investment with a good cost per acquisition. After earning her trust with the leads campaign she allowed me to take over her Google Adwords. The first month we were able to get her:

  • 2989 impressions

  • 40 Clicks 

  • 6 Verified calls

  • 2-4 other calls or emails from the 36 clicks that inquired directly from her site and not the ad